We have worked with several case studies seeing amazing results with reduction in stress/anxiety levels and seeing a return to fitness from a client suffering the effects of long Covid.

We teach Oxygen Advantage breathing protocols to allow you to make changes and breath functionally.

  • Struggle to sleep?
  • Struggle to Concentrate?
  • Suffer from Anxiety or stress?
  • Want to concentrate more?
  • Have a breathing/respiratory problem like asthma, COPD, long Covid etc?
  • Do you want to improve your fitness and reduce breathlessness.

Whether you are a casual athlete keeping fit or an elite athlete we can help you make significant improvements.
Whats more, we can measure your improvements, our techniques are backed by science.

Improve fitness

Using the oxygen Advantage protocols, improve fitness and delay the onset of fatigue while training or competing.


We can teach you how to stimulate the right nerves to reduce stress anxiety and induce a feeling of wellbeing.


Learn the protocols and how to use your bodies own natural systems to facilitate improvements in Concentration, clarity of thought and focus.


We can teach you breathing protocols to relax you and use science to significantly improve your sleep patterns.

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To be first in the queue when we launch our packages email us at the address below and ask us anything you need to help understand the breathing protocols. The majority of the nation are dysfunctional breathers, lets turn the minority of functional breathers into the majority.