20 years of climbing the corporate ladder left me stressed, tired and unfulfilled in my work life…
After a period of intense stress, I realised I couldn’t carry on doing the employed job I was doing until I retired, but I had no fallback. Straight into work at Royal Mail as a telegram boy at 16 years old. I knew nothing else. So, I embarked on a journey of evening classes to give myself a skill to fall back on, a way out of employment.
5 years later I was building a part time business in sports massage therapy. 5 years on from that I started on the self-employment journey and most definitely saw the light. At that point in 2012 sports massage wasn’t really mainstream, often a 9 to 5 therapy and accessible by phone or email.

Locally I shook it up a bit, bringing sports massage to the masses with early morning late evening appointments and online booking, things that are the norm now. I have had an extremely rewarding 8 years of self-employment in the sports massage arena.
I was introduced to Oxygen Advantage breathing protocols two years ago. The more I learned the more I realised the vast benefits people could get from this relatively unknown (at least to the masses) therapy. Having read up on the therapy and used the protocols I was blown away by the positive impact it can have. Whether it is wellbeing improvements of fitness, its impact is incredible.

I have now worked with clients suffering from stress and anxiety who have used the breathing protocols to reduce the impact of stress and significantly improve their feeling of wellbeing. Also huge improvements in their ability to concentrate and focus after using the breathing protocols we teach.
I have worked with people suffering the effects of long Covid and seen them recover fitness and return to levels of training they have not experienced since contracting Covid 19 way back in March 2020.

The only problem I have found is the lack of knowledge of the benefits of the breathing protocols we can teach. What is more, this is not a subjective therapy where you may feel/see results. It is a therapy backed by science with clear identifiable measures.
My journey has now taken a diversion. I want to bring Oxygen Advantage protocols to the masses by offering a range of therapy options starting with a most affordable option. I also want to take the breathing protocols into education environments and workplaces.

So, I`m at a crossroads, I am looking to have the same impact on breathing protocols as I did with sports massage locally, but on a bigger scale, a bigger audience using the technology available and everything that is good about the internet.

Do you struggle to sleep? Concentrate? Suffer from stress? Anxiety? Have breathing/respiratory issues such as asthma, Long Covid, COPD? Do you want to improve your breathing and your fitness? Whether you are an elite athlete or just like to keep fit I can teach you breathing protocols that will make a significant difference and I can show you the improvements along the way.

My journey has taken me from an incredibly stressed employee to a very grateful self-employed therapist, meeting great clients and helping them improve their wellbeing.
Join me
and move your journey forward