One-to-One zoom sessions

Our one-to-one Zoom sessions are the ultimate way to access our breathing coaching. The three key areas we can help you are:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety symptoms
  • Reduce the impact of respiratory problems like asthma, COPD and long covid
  • Improve fitness performance whether you are a casual gym goer or an elite athlete

One to one sessions allow us to access great detail on your own situation and taylor the sessions and exercises to you. You can tap into your own breathing process and enhance every breath you take; you just need us to show you how.

A few simple changes to breathing rhythm, pace and frequency of breath will give you immediate impact. You will feel improved concentration, reduced breathlessness, and reduced symptoms of anxiety/stress.

So many people train hard to improve their health, monitor their nutrition even have coaches for their mind, but the easiest way to see improvements to your wellbeing is by subtle changes to the way you breathe.

Most of us take breathing for granted, it just happens, right? It does, but it happens because you dictate it happens! Most of us are dysfunctional breathers, too many breathes, too shorter breathes and too faster breathes. It isn`t difficult to change.

What if we told you there is a gas you can breathe in which switches off your fight and flight stress response and switches on your calmness and relaxation response, well, there is!

And what’s more, you produce this gas, nitric oxide, but probably bypass it by breathing in through your mouth!

Whether you are looking for improvements yourself or your children or friends or family Our breathing techniques will make a difference.

Our introductory offer will allow two people to share the personal zoom session and enjoy the benefits together., Yes, that’s right, two for one as long as you are on the same zoom session.

Complete the registration below and I will call you to book a suitable day and time for your sessions. You will get plenty of choice, early mornings, daytime, evening, and weekends are available.